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This small Kindle book gives readers a biblical strategy for surviving an economic crisis. In this book, the author provides five steps under the acronym POWER that one can take to prepare for dealing with a bad economy. These steps are meant to be practiced as a spiritual discipline to derive maximum benefit.




The Fate of Those Who Have Not Heard the Gospel

A thorny question that confronts many Christians is, What will be the fate of those living in remote places who have not heard about Jesus or the gospel? We know from God’s word, the Bible, that “there is no salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Jesus Himself said with unbeatable clarity and exclusivity: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). So, how does one reconcile the exclusivity of the gospel for our salvation with the reality that some may die without ever hearing the gospel or the name of Jesus? What does the Bible say about the fate of such individuals? Are they lost forever, or does God have an alternate plan to save them? Furthermore, how can we resolve this tension in light of God’s justice and mercy? Over the years, scholars and evangelists have wrestled with this question and still do. There is no consensus among Bible scholars. Some believe it is a mystery, but God is merciful and will do what is right.

In this book, Abraham Philip attempts to answer this question based on his interpretation of the relevant Scripture passages and in harmony with the nature of God and the biblical paradigm that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ. The purpose of this book is not to present a comprehensive or exhaustive treatment of this topic but to present a reasonable answer by examining the relevant biblical texts. The author invites the reader to consider with an open mind the explanation and reasoning offered in response to this challenging question.



A reluctant prophet’s encounter with a gracious God

If you are running from God, if the ups and downs of life make you feel like you’ve been thrown overboard into the sea, or if you are wondering what God is up to in your life, this book is for you. Today, many Christians are confused about the nature of God and His grace. Because distorted images of God beguile many in the church, they worship a God of their own making. In Thrown Overboard, Dr. Philip masterfully draws from the life of the rebellious prophet Jonah what we may learn about the nature of man, the nature of God, the work of God’s grace, and the redemptive ministry of Christ. The reader will gain a deeper insight into the wideness of God’s grace and how God works through our weaknesses to accomplish His purposes in our lives. It is a must-read for anyone who longs to have the heart of God.



Basic Statistics in Quantitate Research is a short and easy-to-read introduction to some of the standard statistical tests students in seminaries and Bible colleges need to know for doing quantitative research in biblical studies. In this book, the student will learn about variables, measuring scales, sampling a population, conducting surveys, developing a valid and reliable survey instrument, and using inferential statistics for analyzing the significance of the data gathered and ascertaining the relationship between variables within and between populations. The purpose of this book is not to provide an exhaustive treatment of all available statistical tools but to help seminarians and those without a technical background to gain an appreciation for quantitative research in biblical studies. This book aims to encourage such students to engage in the quantitative investigation without fear.

A Primer for Seminary Students



Reflections on Christian Faith and Practice

Abraham Philip invites you to engage in reflecting on truths that are of eternal significance. These musings will challenge, encourage, and nourish readers who long for intimacy with Christ and who wish to experience the quiet and rest that only He can give. This book is a collection of one hundred short essays, articles, and reflections published on Facebook and in Proclamation Ministries’ newsletter over the past several years. The musings explore Christian faith, spirituality, conduct, and perspectives on some past national events. They are meant to help you respond biblically to the realities of life and to deepen your walk with God. If you are hungry for God, these musings will empower you to ponder divine truths revealed in the Scripture, so that you may know God more clearly and experience His grace more deeply.


In Divorce and Remarriage: A Biblical Perspective, Abraham Philip takes a balanced and scripturally defensible approach to the complex subject of divorce and remarriage. He interacts with key biblical passages, keeping in view that God’s ideal is that a husband and wife remain bound together until separated by death. While divorce and remarriage may be permitted under certain conditions identified in Scripture, they are not encouraged; instead, the emphasis should be on forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. The book’s purpose is not to give an exhaustive treatment of the subject of divorce and remarriage, but rather to distill and highlight the essential teachings of Scripture for strengthening one’s marriage and to provide a biblical perspective to those contemplating divorce.

A Biblical Perspective



The task of being a leader in the present conceptual age is challenging. Leaders everywhere are confronted with the question, what does it take to lead in this shifting global economy characterized by an abundance of goods and services, increasing competition from Asia, and mind-boggling automation? If you think that mere technical competence and mastery of information would do, think again.

In this easy-to-read booklet, Dr. Philip describes how the current context of the American leader is changing and gives six critical practices that are required of every leader for effective leadership in our changing environment. These proven practices are drawn from published works, as well as his experience of training nationals in different countries and working in various leadership positions in the healthcare industry.



This book briefly describes some epistemological principles that should be considered when investigating the origin of the universe. This is a helpful resource for sharing Christ with others, especially those who believe that the only reliable source of truth is science.

A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of the Universe



This booklet gives Christians some biblical guidelines primarily drawn from the New Testament for evaluating presidential candidates. The focus is on first-order principles that should be considered when evaluating a candidate's philosophy of government and stewardship.

Some Biblical Guidelines for Evaluating Presidential Candidates



A Biblical Perspective

This short paper demystifies the concept of the generational curse and shows that it does not apply to New Covenant believers who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. All who are in Christ are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a victorious life for the glory of God.



Are you growing strong in your faith? Or is your faith in God getting weaker with each passing day? Are you growing in the grace of God and in His knowledge? The Bible says, "The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits" (Dan. 11:32). Those who set their hearts on God go from "Strength to Strength" (Ps. 84:7). This book is s a collection of thirty-one devotionals dealing with some aspect of the five movements of salvation history: creation, alienation, redemption, sanctification, and glorification. The theme, shape, and content of each devotional are rooted and governed by the chosen text, with the purpose of giving the reader insights, encouragement, and strength to grow in his or her faith.

Christ-Centered Devotionals for Growing in Faith

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