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The mission of Proclamation Ministries is to lead people to Jesus Christ and equip them for Christian service in their local churches and the world for God’s glory.

In 1986 Abraham Philip received the divine call to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, His love, and His salvation to the nations of the world (1 Ch. 16:23-24). In response to that call, Proclamation Ministries was established in 1994 under the laws of the United States to support the teaching and preaching ministry of Dr. Abraham Philip, to reach the unsaved and equip believers for Christian service through a balanced exposition of the Word of God.




Proclamation Ministries is committed to serving as an extension of the church for reaching the lost worldwide. In cooperation with local churches, we endeavor to present God’s whole counsel through various forums, including evangelistic events, Bible conferences, and training seminars.

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